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Welcome to the High Range IQ Testing site of Dr. Kirk Raymond Butt. All tests are free. The website features the VPT (Verbal Power Test) and VNPT (Verbal and Numerical Power Test) series, which can be downloaded as PDFs. All instructions for completing and submitting the tests are included on the PDFs. 


The average IQ score is 100 (SD15). Almost 70% of people tested have IQ scores between 85 and 115. A score of 130 or above is considered high and places an individual in the top 2%. Researchers differ in their definition of what a ‘genius’ actually is, with suggestions ranging from IQ scores of 140 to 160. Individuals with scores above 160 are sometimes referred to as exhibiting ‘Exceptional Giftedness’ or ‘Profound Levels of Genius.’


Traditional standardized timed tests normally only identify levels of intelligence up to 160. The untimed high range IQ tests or puzzles on this website are experimental or theoretical in nature and are designed to measure IQs up to 210 (SD15). They allow the time needed to strategize and work through challenging items. My tests will entertain you, while offering you some personal insights into your unique abilities. 


Among the High IQ Societies that I currently belong to are two of the most exclusive societies on earth, GIGA SOCIETY and ESOTERIQ SOCIETY, requiring a minimum IQ of 190 (SD15) for admission. Follow the links to learn more about these two societies.





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